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Guinea hens

Raising Guinea Keets is basically the same as other poultry they are about the size of bantams and can be raised with chickens.

I will describe a setup for 30 guinea keets and you can modify you setup to fit you needs, they need 1sq. foot per 3 chicks for the first 12 days and 1 foot per 2 chicks up to 6 weeks old, then 3 sq. feet per bird to maturity.

I would make a rectangle in the chicken coop or shed about 2'x6' out of flashing or coil stock, from the local hardware, then hang a red 250 watt heat lamp 14" off the floor (from the face of the bulb to the floor) and about 16" in from one end of the rectangle. this configuration will make the temperature about 115 degrees directly under the bulb and will be cooler farther from the light, the chicks will choose their own comfort zone, this is very important.

  • Use large flake pine shavings from the feed store for bedding.
  • Use 5 paper plates to feed on for the first 5 days
  • Introduce 2 or 3 chick feeders on day 4
  • Use 1 one gallon waterer and always give warm water the first few days
  • Sprinkle baby chick grit on the feed for 4 days then in its own container after that.

Be sure the room is draft free and take down the rectangle brooder guard on day 12 as they will begin flying out of it.

as you can see they raise about the same as other poultry with just a little more attention to detail.


Guinea fowl came from south Africa and are remarkable at pest control, they will not tolerate mice or rats or snakes, they consume insects and ticks.

  • Pest control
  • Served as game in fine restaurant's
  • Self sufficient
Guinea Hens