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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about your Chick Order and provide the answers here.


How will my Chicks arrive?

They will arrive at your Post Office, you need to pick them up at the Post Office, Do Not let your Postman  deliver them, the Postman has many stops to make and has his window down etc. We email you a usps.com tracking number the day we ship and your phone number will be on the shipping label, please contact your postmaster when you receive your tracking # to let them know you have chicks on the way and to please call you as soon as they arrive at the Post Office for you to pick them up, they will do this for you if you call and request it, otherwise they may wait until they are finished with their regular procedural duties before they do call.

About Choosing Priority or Express Shipping.
Unless you are familar with your chick delivery service from your airport to your post office we recommend Express if the Priority is listed at more than 2 days, Express does get better attention and service from the Postal Service.  Click on the Postage drop down list on the check out page to see all of the available shipping options.


What do I do when I pick up my Chicks at the Post Office?

Be sure you have contacted your Post Office before hand to have them call you as soon as they arrive, please be sure to have read over our raising gamebird chicks pages which covers a great deal of information on the particular needs of the different kinds of chicks. when you pick up your chicks at the Post Office open the box at the Post Office and if everything is fine take them home and put them in the brooder, its best to leave them alone for 20 minutes or so to acclimate to the new surroundings then check and make sure everything is going OK.If when you inspect the chicks at the Post Office their is a problem with the chicks notify the Postmaster and file a claim with them as your chicks are insured by the Post Office, If you do not get satisfactory service from your local Post Office you can file your claim thru the customer affairs dept. call # 877-747-6249 and they will help you, you will need your box top with the shipping label and tracking #, its best to get the chicks in the brooder as soon as possible.


Do you ship extra chicks with my order?

Yes. we try to ship 4% extra of the Chukars and Quail


What is your availability of Chicks?

We hatch weekly March thru October. To see the availability of the Chicks you are interested in just put them in your shopping cart and there you will see a drop down list labeled "Choose Ship Date", the chicks are available on all the dates that you see listed. If a date is not listed it means we are sold out for that date.


Choosing the best Shipping Class

Choosing the best shipping class is the first step in raising a successful brood of quail or chukar, if you have been receiving Game Bird Chicks successfully thru the mail previously with priority mail you may be able to select the cheapest shipping class (2-3 Day Priority) and do just fine, and many folks do, however if you are unsure of your Postal Service from your nearest airport to your Post Office, you choose Express Shipping to insure the best Postal Service you can get, we ship out of our airport so the only service in question is from your airport to your Post Office, we do ship insured by the Postal Service insurance, which is the correct insurance as they are the carrier, but you must choose the correct Postal Class as they are the only shipper of live poultry.


Do you give refunds?

All sales are final, however if an unforeseeable circumstance arises we may offer store credit.


Is your website secure?

Yes, our site is secured by Verisign which is an industry leader in the encrypted ecommerce security business. Their validation is posted on our checkout page.


What is our privacy policy?

None of your information, including email, will be used for any other purpose than processing your order. Our site does use cookies.