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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about your Chick Order and provide the answers here.


How will my Chicks arrive?

At your Post Office, when you recieve your tracking # on your ship date you should call your post office and ask them to call you for pickup upon arrival, do not let the mailman deliver them as they have many stops to make with their window down and the chicks need to be in the brooder as soon as possible. your primary phone # will be above your name on the label, please make your phone # look like a phone # when you place your order, thank you.


What Speed of shipping should I use for Quail & Chukar chicks

We recommend 2 days at most, you can see all the shipping options when you enter your shipping address when checking out by clicking directly on the postage amount drop down list. Guinea keets can handle 3 day shipping as they are much larger.


Are my Chicks Insured?

Yes, all chicks are shipped insured by the carrier, the united states postal servive, open the box at the post office when you pick them up, if there is a problem show them to the Postmaster and fill out the required form later, get the chicks into the brooder as soon as possible, always. you can file your claim online using your tracking# at or call customer affairs at 877-747-6249.


What do I do when I pick up my Chicks at the Post Office?

Please read the raising gamebird chicks page.


Do you ship extra chicks with my order?

We ship 4% to 5% extra


What is your availability of Chicks?

Put the amount of chicks you want in the shopping cart and you will be able to see what ship dates are available for you to choose from.


Is your website secure?

Yes, we have the same incription as Banks use.


What is our privacy policy?

Your information is only used by us, we do not share your info with anyone.