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bobwhite quail

About our Quail Chicks

Our Quail breeding program is focused on producing high quaility flight birds for the Hunting, Field Trial, Dog Training  environment, we use these birds on our own family run Hunting Preserve and have introduced other lines of Northern Bobwhite, that have exhibited the characteristics we felt where beneficial, into them over the years to keep our line fresh and strong. These are the best we have ever had.

Our hatchery equipment is pressure washed, disinfected and fumigated between every hatch to insure bacteria is kept to a minimum, our eggs are washed and given a disinfectant bath before being set in the incubators, this keeps the chicks free from contamination and results in a stronger, healthier chick to our customers.

With over 25 years experience and hundreds of satisfied customers we are confident that you will be pleased with these Quail.