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Guinea hens

About our Guinea Keets

Our Guineas are of a strong and hardy strain, they will do their part in keeping your property clear of ticks, snakes, mice and other undesirable critters, they will also alert your other poultry of danger from hawks and fox, etc. They are the best "watch dogs" I'm aware of, nothing goes unnoticed. They get along just fine with all common barnyard birds,animals and gamebirds.

They raise like other poultry, just start them on turkey starter, 26%- 28% protein is best, it can be medicated or not, read our "Raising Gamebird Chicks" page for more info.

As always our hatchery equipment is pressure washed, disinfected and fumigated between every hatch and our eggs are given a disinfectant bath before being set in the incubators, to insure our chicks are clean and healthy.

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