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Chukar Partridge Chicks

Hello!     We still have Guineas, and Orders of 125 Quail available.

     Welcome to our website...

     We are a Game Bird Hatchery producing Bobwhite Quail & Chukar Chicks for the Flight Bird Industry, as well as Guinea Fowl for pest control and to help guard your property and livestock. We have over 25 years experience breeding and hatching Game Birds on a commercial level, and believe our Birds are among the best out there. We hope to have the opportunity to have you as a pleased and satisfied customer. So click on the links at the top of the page and browse thru our site. Thank You and have a nice day.


Chukar Partridge Hen & Chicks

  Our years of experience in breeding, producing, hatching, and shipping, will get you started with Chicks that can perform.

Please Notice:

As we are Primarily a Commercial wholesale Gamebird Hatchery we can offer exceptional chicks at very good prices, but we do not staff a full time secretary to operate the telephones as we deal mainly with larger commercial growers who we have dwelt with over the years and do not need a lot of assistance or questions answered, so if you have difficulty reaching someone by phone most questions are answered on the website, either in the FAQ/shipping page or the raising gamebirds section, if that doesn't cover it try email from our contact us page, as most of our correspondence and ship notifications are done by email.